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Supporting the theatre industry through the pandemic

On March 16th 2020 due to the International Coronavirus Pandemic the UK Government advised the public to avoid large gatherings. As a result SOLT and UK Theatre made the decision to close all theatres across the country. On March 20th the Government officially closed all theatres for an indefinite period.

This has caused huge disruptions to the lives of thousands of people working in the theatre industry across the UK. Actors, Directors, Designers, Stage Managers, Lighting, Sound and Video Teams, Wardrobe and Wigs Teams, Stage Crews, Production Managersm Props and Costume Supervisors, Front of House Staff, Box Office Staff, Stage Door Keepers… The list goes on and on.

The theatre industry in the UK employs over 270,000 people many of whom have been unable to receive any kind of support from the UK Government during the pandemic.

The Charities
Acting for Others

For every successful actor, there are hundreds of performers, backstage and front-of-house theatre staff who are not so fortunate. They may be suffering from illness, disability, or be caring for children with special needs. Many in our industry lend their support or put their name to other good causes but, like any profession, we also try to take care of our own. 

Fleabag Support Fund

The Fleabag Support Fund will partner with charities responding to the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic to provide grants to freelancers working in the theatre industry who are in urgent financial need and unable to work as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic.

NHS COVID-19 Urgent Appeal

There are more than 250 NHS charities across the UK and most of them focus on helping our hospitals do more. Collectively these charities give £1 million every day to the NHS so that people can stay well for longer and get better faster. In recent years NHS charities have funded major capital projects, pioneering research and medical equipment at our hospitals, helping patients access the best possible care when they need it most.

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